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EOB Housing

 The Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County (EOB) Housing Division has eight (8) low- income housing units for seniors in North Las Vegas, referred to as the Comstock Community Homes Development Corporation (CCHDC).

 EOB Housing Division has provided services specifically related to the affordable housing needs of our community for 22 years. The Division’s mission is to provide transitional and affordable housing opportunities to low and very low income households.

CCHDC Emergency Maintenance:

(702) 203-2977 or (702) 203-5008

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NV Energy Assistance Program

Eligible households are awarded assistance once each program year. The assistance is based on the household's gross income and annual energy use. However, it is not intended to meet 100% of a household's expenses. To download the application click here.


Food For Life

Food For Life is a Brown Bag Feeding program for low-income: families, elderly and for those with certified disabilities. Qualifying households will have to meet income eligibility based on their household size. Each household must prove their living accommodations will allow for proper and sanitary food storage.

Qualifying households are those with minor children and/or a member(s) who are 55 years or older, and/or have a member who is permanently disabled, with a valid and verifiable hardship situation that caused the need for assistance.

330 W. Washington Ste. 7
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

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 For more information please contact EOB Housing Division at 647-3307.